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The First Community-Owned, Hybrid Digital Asset Exchange!

DAREX Features
DECS holders are shareholders who benefit from revenue sharing on Daily-Basis along with Dividends paid on Quarterly-Basis.
DAREX is a Hybrid Digital Assets Exchange, offering utility tokens in addition to asset backed security tokens.
DAREX is 100% owned by the community through holding Darico Exchange Community Shares (DECS) which will be airdropped to DEC holders prior to the launch
Transparent & Audited
We pride ourselves with a transparent business model therefore, we will work with a renowned auditing firm to publish quarterly reports based on international standards used in conventional financial sector.
Top notch security system monitoring the Exchange's activity around the clock, along with a fail-proof Cold Storage designed to keep the funds safe and accessible at all times.
Fast & Reliable
Low-latency transactions means that you will never get any input lag while placing an order. This mechanism is designed to make sure that your trades are executed in a flash.
About The Darico Ecosystem
Darico has built a suite of professional and user friendly investment tools that empower people to monitor, trade, invest and spend cryptocurrencies with confidence. We're redefining how users interact with crypto.

The Darico Ecosystem provides crypto enthusiasts with the tools they need to invest and spend their crypto holdings with confidence. Services exclusively available to Darico Coin holders include the wallet, terminal, debit card, index fund, liquidity pool and exchange.
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